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Food Waste Recyclers – Providing innovative, sustainable, homegrown solutions for Vancouver’s 2015 Organics and Food Waste Ban

We make it easier for Metro Vancouver residents to divert and compost food waste by distributing The Greenlid – the first compostable compost bin. Food Waste Recyclers is the exclusive West Coast wholesale distributor of The Greenlid. We make access to the product affordable for individuals and organizations, through bulk and subscription services.

We responsibly and sustainably clean up the mess that food and other waste diversion creates through BioClens – a mobile bin, tote, and waste room cleaning service that uses 100% biodegradable, probiotic cleaning technology. We also feature a unique water capture system, so no waste residue is left on or near our clients properties, or in the natural water system. BioClens services individual residences, buildings, and businesses.

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